Christmas Treats

2nd class had lots of fun decorating Christmas foods. We began with chocolate marshmallows. We dipped them in melted chocolate and added Christmas sprinkles and white chocolate drops. During our pajama party we decorated gingerbread biscuits with sugar icing, jellies and Smarties!

The Perfect Page

During the school day 2nd class have been working hard on their presentation skills. When we are writing in our copybooks we have the following items to remember:

  1. Rule the page using a ruler.
  2. Date and title our work.
  3. Use cursive writing.
  4. Remember capital letters and full stops.
  5. When we are putting our spelling words into a sentence we must remember to underline the spelling word.

Take a look at the example below and see have you remembered all the steps in your written homework.

Budding Bakers!

2nd class got out the weighing scales and loaf tins to bake some Barmbrack or Báirín breac in Irish. As a class we wrote out the recipe. This was so everyone could make it again at home if they liked. 2nd class completed it in 3 parts. On Day 1 we steeped the fruit and mixed spice in tea. We left this overnight so the fruit could soak up the tea. On Day 2 we added the egg and flour and baked it in our school oven. On Day 3 we got to eat it!! We even put in a ring and Lily was the lucky person to find it hidden in her slice!

Halloween Ghosts

To get into the Halloween spirit 2nd class made ghosts out of clay. To make these we rolled out the clay and placed them over an egg in an egg cup to give them the correct shape. We pinched creases along the bottom of the clay and used a pencil to poke holes for the ghosts eyes and mouth. Once the clay ghosts were dry we painted them white. We then placed a battery tea light underneath our ghosts to light them up. Check out some of the photos of how we made the ghosts in class.

Skittles Experiment

Our experiment was to find out what would happen to Skittles when they are placed along the edge of a plate and warm water is added. Lots of our predictions were correct! 2nd class predicted that the colours would come off the Skittles and mix in the water. Some others predicted that the colour would come off the Skittles and they would then look white. We recorded our predictions. And then came the fun part! 2nd class took turns in pouring warm water onto their plates of Skittles. Take a look at the photos and see if their predictions were correct!!