Pancake Tuesday

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday on 1st March. We read an Irish book explaining how to make pancakes. We learnt lots of new vocabulary which included babhla, plúr, uibheacha, siúcra, spúnóg, im, bainne agus líomóide. After we read the book we ordered the steps on how to make the perfect pancake. Then we wrote these down on a worksheet. Next, we decided to head out to the yard to put our pancake flipping skills to the test. To end our busy day we devoured some delicious pancakes!

Our Paper Weaving Dogs

2nd class have worked extremely hard creating their dogs during Art lessons over the past number of weeks. We have learnt a little bit about Picasso’s dog, Lump and decided to create our own dogs. First of all we did some printing using bubble wrap and paint. When it had dried we cut it into strips and did some paper weaving with white card. This created the dogs jumper. Following this we looked and discussed different types of dogs and how they look. 2nd class then drew and cut out a head, tail and legs to stick on to the jumper. You will see from the pictures below how creative 2nd class were as all the dogs look so different to one another.

Biodegradable Bird Feeders

Today 2nd class made biodegradable bird feeders as shown by Red Squirrel. To make these bird feeders we put two holes at the top and bottom of the toilet roll holder. After this, we smeared honey on it. Then we then rolled them in bird seed and scrunched up Corn Flakes. When they were covered in seeds and flakes we threaded some string through the top and tied a knot. We put a stick through the bottom to make a little perch for the birds to stand on. You may notice we have hung them up in the school grounds and in the field beside the school. There will be some very happy birds by Springdale over the next few days.

Money Money Money

2nd Class have been working hard learning all about money for the last fortnight. They added totals, worked out change and solved lots of word problems. After all this hard work 2nd class got to enjoy the task of coin rubbing. You will see from the pictures the children added up coin totals in purses, wallets and on hands. There were some very creative pictures and great addition skills shown below.

Science Week: Skittles Experiment

2nd class took part in an experiment using a plate, warm water and Skittles. 2nd class arranged the Skittles in a circle on a plate. They then wrote down their predictions on what they thought would happen to the Skittles once warm water was added. We had lots of wonderful predictions including; the Skittles would shrink, the Skittles would dissolve and even the Skittles would explode!! What do you think happened the Skittles? Take a look at the pictures and videos below to find out!